Why I need this in my Life ?


We believe, that the time of the Personal Computer, 
the way we know it - a box, a monitor, a keyboard and a mouse and all this laying on the desk, is over.
We believe that the time of carrying around laptops, no matter how light and comfortable they are, is over.

Today is the time of tablets and smartphones. The computers and even laptops should be left back, at home or at the office, maybe even in a server room.  

We, at ClusterDesktop, suggest a completely different and revolutionary concept of the way people use their computers.

You don't need to have this equipment in front of you. Leave it somewhere behind in a safe place, or even virtualize it somewhere in the cloud and start using your tablet or smartphone for your everyday work. Use them as a warp zone towards your computer or laptop ! Use the power of your computer visualized in your hands.
With ClusterDesktop you can connect to your computer even from a Smart TV when staying at home or at a hotel.

Start feeling comfortable and  free when connected wherever you are, whatever you  do.

Don't do it the traditional way, do it the ClusterDesktop way !

How it works ?
VNC and RDP give You the opportunity to access and control your PC from any distance – whether from your neighbors tablet or a colleagues laptop. OpenSSH enables users to connect to anything securely.
However no one wants to waste time on searching for the right one, installing and managing software services, when he doesn't have the technical skills.

Here is where ClusterDesktop comes in handy, we give you the FULL package off benefits which both Remote Access and Security can give you. All that software you need combined in a small installable file, which you can download right now from our website.

You will not waste time in searching for answer to questions like: What VNC / RDP server should I install? How do I install this on my Operating System? How to use VNC / RDP  ? How to configure OpenSSH on my OS ?

Because the answer to all these questions is simple – ClusterDesktop.

The best part is, that you have the absolute freedom to choose from which device to control your computer.

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