How ClusterDesktop Works and Differs

We believe that with the era of tablets and smart-phones, the relationship between man and PC has evolved and we will carry and use a handheld device for our everyday work. ClusterDesktop is for people who want to have more freedom and better access to their computer and at the same time carry it in their pockets. ClusterDesktop serves the constant desire to carry less, use smaller devices and do more.

I will explain how it works.

Imagine you have a computer at your work, or at home, or may be also couple of other devices /PC. laptop, tablet/ all behind a router or connected to work or home network. Any way in most cases our computers are having private addresses, not real ones, which makes connection to them a little bit difficult. To make such a connection in an environment like this you need to know the real IP of your gateway, or may be even the address of the gateway of your Internet provider, which supposes a certain level of IT knowledge. Also if you are having a Home version of Windows or maybe Linux /Mac users have these services integrated/, the software for remote control does not come pre installed. Then you need even more knowledge, because you will have to install additional software on your computer /such as a VNC server for example/, and only after fulfilling all these requirements you can connect to your computer. This is where ClusterDesktop comes to help. Our service plays the role of the man in the middle, so you do not have to care about IP addresses, private and public networks, gateways, ports, protocols, installation and set-up of service software.
What we do is that our package contains certain servers, released under GPL, which are installed and set up automatically. Then we create encrypted tunnels to our server /which is having a real IP address and can be reached from anywhere/. These tunnels open ports to which you can connect and be redirected to your computer, respectively to the service of your remote control software. What is more, with our service you have a web interface, through which you control what to be opened /accessed/, and with how many connections at a time.

As I said we have a standard servers with our package, which means that on the connecting side /another computer or tablet or smartphone/, you use a standard client to be able to work on your PC, or in other words you have the freedom to choose among thousands of applications the one you like best.
With the free servers included in our package you have even more possibilities than merely connecting controlling and working on your PC. One can transfer and use files from a distance for example. Furthermore you can port forward any service residing on you computer to the client’s side. Like this combining different existing and free software you can stream music from your computer on your tablet for example.
But there is even more. On our service website you can connect and control a computer just from a web  browser. This is because we include all the necessary prerequisites bundled with our package.

All the usage and advantages are explained in our YouTube channel:
and SlideShare presentations:

Emil Parashkevov
ClusterDesktop Founder

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