Working Remotely: Does The Research Prove It Won't Work For You?

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“Is that a dog barking?” he asked on our conference call.
“My apologies. He wants to play fetch.”
“You’re working from home?” he asked.
“I couldn’t handle that,” he replied. “…too many distractions.”

        Not everyone pines over the idea of working remotely. A workspace away from the office can be a dream-come-true for one person, and a torture chamber of distraction for another. But, could working remotely actually increase engagement and productivity in some employees? Or, does research prove otherwise?”
“At home, in hotel rooms, in airports, on trains,” and “sitting in seat 23D” were answers we received when we asked some remote workers about their typical work environment.  One remote worker told us that he was so distracted at home that he would actually walk down the street to his mother-in-law’s house. Can you imagine?

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