How millennials are driving a remote working revolution


        Many managers in the UK will no doubt be quaking at the thought of the country’s first national rail strike since 1994 – scheduled by the RMT union to play out for 24 hours from 5pm on Monday 25 May. Firms of all sizes will be forced to find inventive ways of limiting the disruption to their patterns of business, and remote working is sure to be top of the list.
        Compared to the last national rail strike two decades ago, businesses will be far more savvy about how to avert problems, thanks to the emergence of Generation Y in the workplace. Indeed, the recent book Remote: Office not Required, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hanson – co-founders of the dynamic software company 37Signals – tipped Gen-Y influence to reshape the working environment around a home-working model: “The future, quite literally, belongs to those who get it ... Do you think today’s teenagers, raised on Facebook and texting, will be sentimental about the old days of all-hands-on-deck, Monday morning meetings? Ha.”

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