Remote Work Options Attract High-Tech Talent

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Montana Business Trends for 2015 – #3. Remote Work Options Attract High-Tech Talent

        According to Odegaard, employers who face difficulties recruiting benefit from hiring remote workers. “I find more companies being influenced into accepting remote into their culture if they have a challenging time finding talent to employ in their corporate location,” he said. “I personally work with management teams to adapt to a remote culture and frankly it enhances their internal teams by helping them focus on how they communicate.”
        Odegaard cautioned that “not every corporate culture may find this adaptable, nor will every person excel under these conditions. Those managing projects with Agile methodologies have an especially fluid transition to remote work teams.”
        According to Odegaard, some Montana businesses use a blended approach, trying remote work with their staff by allowing them to work remotely for one or two days per week. “This is a workplace benefit for mature employees who show the ability, but it also gives the company an opportunity to try it on for size,” he said.

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