Are remote workers more productive? We’ve checked all the research so you don’t have to


        There is barely a hotter question for both companies and knowledge workers today than this: are remote employees better at getting the job done than office-based teams? Тhe pondering is valid as finding truly productive remote workers and running a remote team often proves challenging. It’s only natural that employers wonder if remote workers are really more productive. Well, we’ve been asked this question many times, so we thought it was about time to turn to science to find a data-backed answer.
        What’s the real story with remote employees’ productivity?
        We found out that telecommuting is the global trend in innovating work and that many prominent companies have proven the remote working model can and does work. But most of all, we examined eight different factors relating to workers’ productivity, basing our study on tens of different resources. And guess what? From performance to engagement, all studies point out remote workers are indeed more productive than their office counterparts. Let us take you through the top data that proves your employees are truly on top of their game.

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