6 Reasons Why You Should Hire Remote Workers and How to Find Them

        It’s common for companies to have at least one employee who works remotely. After all, communication with people from all over the world has never been easier. And many employers are embracing the unique benefits of hiring remote workers.  Of course, hiring remotely does have its own set of difficulties. Maintaining clear communication can be difficult when the members of your team aren’t all in the same office. Training new remote employees may also present its own set of challenges. You will also potentially have to accommodate different times zones and public holidays. As an employer, you will also be trusting in your remote workers to use their time productively, without your direct supervision. But the benefits of hiring remote employees can prove to far outweigh the difficulties, depending on the type of business you run. If your company is still in startup stages, hiring remote employees can be especially beneficial, as it can cut costs and broaden your network across the world.   My company recently hired a remote worker for my team and it has been working out very well for us. Our company is based in Toronto, Canada and he lives in Kansas City, USA. There is a minor one hour time difference between us, not a big enough difference to cause conflict. But even if the time difference were bigger, I’m confident that he would still be a good hire because he is passionate about his work, is highly productive, and is eager to maintain daily communications with the other members of our team. Because of that, we trust him to be productive and to be a contributing, involved member of the team despite not physically being in the office with us.  

Here are six reasons why it’s good to hire remote workers.

1. Your Talent Doesn’t Have to Be Location-Dependent
2. You Will Attract Driven Self-Starters
3. You Will Have a Team With Different Perspectives
4. You Can Have People Working in Different Time Zones
5. It Can Be Cost Effective for the Employer and the Employees
6. Workers Can Find Spaces Where They Are More Productive

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