The Remote Work Revolution

        Let's face it a lot of us do not enjoy the work environment and view it as a necessary evil to pay the bills and put food on the table. If we didn't have to adhere to that uncomfortable dress code, honk our way through traffic or scramble through the hordes on public transport, to get to our office workstation where the boss is waiting to pile on more stressful tasks - we probably wouldn't do it.
       And in today's world millions of people have already made the decision to stop. They're known as the digital nomads or location independent workers, an ever increasing sub-culture of workers who have managed to utilize technology and the internet to make working remotely an efficient option.
       Our new infographic explores the current nomad landscape and where it could be headed in the future.
Teleworking has of course been around for years, but the digital nomads have taken the concept and turned it in to a philosophy. Their lives are about embracing freedom and adventure, turning the rules of 9 to 5  on their head.

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