Remote Work's Greatest Challenge

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       My tentative initial experiments with remote work were successful. But the next step was imposed upon me by circumstance. I had been hiring rapidly and we ran out of office space. Consequently, some people had to share a desk. I decided to see if I could make lemonade from this particular lemon by offering senior members of the team the opportunity to work from home up to three days a week. My hope was that this would free up desk space so that no one would end up having to share their desk, at least not while they were in the office.
      I was in for a couple of surprises.
       First, there was less interest in working from home than I'd expected. Which created the second problem. My less experienced developers were still stuck sharing a desk because not enough senior developers had taken up my offer yet. And so they started working from home even without my authorization.
        The same amount of work was getting done, give or take a ticket. And no one was sharing a desk. Mission accomplished.

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