The 10 Things You Learn After One Month Of Remote Work


        Working from a home office or coworking space gives us the freedom to work how we want and — for the most part — when we want.
        Life can be more social and fulfilling this way
It’s true. Those feelings of isolation can be leveraged into a more social and fulfilling life. If you work for it. Here’s what you do: use that desire for human interaction to be more intentional about being social. For example, I have a friend who works remote as well — we’ll often meet for lunch, play tennis or go for a run in the middle of the day. Or I’ll just take my dog for a walk and chat with the retired neighbors out working on their gardens. Or go work from a coffee shop for a while. Many remote workers utilize a co-working space. The point is, when you know this is your window of opportunity for social interaction, you’re more intentional about it. And it can be a much more fulfilling experience. It beats getting your social time in by sitting in a cubicle next to someone you might not even like.

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