Making Remote Work Work For Me

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        As a young professional, I’ve found that my innate urge to travel and explore new places conflicts with my self-imposed obligation to stay in a competitive job and advance my career. I, like most people on this planet, am a creature of habit. I like structure, consistency and knowing what’s around the corner.
        Amidst this growing vexation, I flirted with the idea of remote work. I wasn’t sure I could take the plunge; it sounded so hypothetical and unattainable. That was until I heard about Remote Year – a company whose mission is to bring a community of business professionals together to work, travel and explore several cities around the world. I had so many questions: Does enough remote opportunity exist that there is market for this? Could I legitimately find a job working from anywhere? And where even were these jobs? Who were these people, both employers and employees? It was at this moment when my research began and my path shifted.

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