The Rise of the Remote Worker, or How to Work from Home Without Getting Fired


        Is heading to the office necessary anymore? According to a Cisco study, 70% of college students and young professionals say no. Increasingly, and perhaps surprisingly, employers seem to agree. Studies show that 45% of the U.S. workforce now has a job thats suitable for full-time or part-time telecommuting. But even as working from home becomes more acceptable and the rigid command and control office model seems outdated, remote workers remain worried that they may be viewed as slackers, and that the lack of face time with the boss can hurt their careers.

Here are some tips:
1. Get Organized
2. Check In with Your Manager Frequently
3. Push Yourself to Network
4. Take Breaks and Get Fresh Air
5. Work in a Productive Space
6. Use Collaboration Tools
7. Respond to E-Mails Quickly

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