5 Essential Work from Home Job Skills

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        “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life.”
        When Confucius said that, it was 551-479 BC and transportation costs were probably the last thing on his mind. In the pursuit of finding the perfect job, the length of the commute or your ability to pick up and move can be a real barrier. While it’s possible to learn new skills to grow your career, you can’t always move yourself or your whole family across the country or around the world. Advanced internet conferencing technology as well as tools like Skype and HipChat are making it easier than ever to work from home and, as an overall trend, telecommuting is on the rise. A study done by Global Workplace Analytics reported that, for workers that are not self-employed, telecommuting increased by approximately 103% from 2005 to 2014. Two years down the line, the trend continues. According to a recent telecommuting research study done by PGi, a multinational corporation that provides conferencing and collaborating solutions, up to 79% of respondents telecommuted at least one day per week.
        There are a few key skills every potential telecommuter needs in order to master the art. We’ve listed five essential work from home skills below and paired them with online courses to help you have a successful and rewarding work from home experience.

1. Marketing Skills
2. Communication Skills
3. Leadership Skills
4. Technical Skills
5. Professional Skills

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