Flexible working during Euro 2016: 10 ways to stay secure this summer

        Today is the day football fans throughout Europe have been waiting for: Euro 2016 kicks off in France this evening with England obviously poised to bring home the trophy (yeah right). The start of the tournament is likely to result in an increase in flexible and remote working for UK businesses, as well as more mobile devices being used to connect to potentially insecure Wi-Fi networks in crowded areas. This combination of factors will leave employees more vulnerable to cyber threats than usual, meaning business data could be left open to hackers.

        Essential guide of 10 things remote-working fans can learn from the players on the pitch:

1. Take responsibility for your own performance
2. Everyone is watching you
3. Keep your eye on the ball
4. Don’t reveal your game plan
5. Beware Man-in-the-Middle attacks
6. Prepare for the worst
7. The referee can make mistakes
8. But don’t blame the referee for all mistakes
9. Don’t make victory easy for the other side
10. But don’t expect to win without trying

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