Working Remotely – Psychological Advantages and Disadvantages

        The idea of working from home sounds great – but be aware of the downside. I talk about what factors influence your job satisfaction and motivation when you work from home. I also discuss the interesting concept of “emotional labor” – what is it like when you know your boss is watching you and judging whether you are “acting happy” to customers? What’s the cost to you of acting in a way that is contrary to how you actually feel?

- Can work in your pajamas (see Disadvantages).
- Decreased cost of work clothes
- Decreased cost of travel, commuting time and gas
- Increased flexibility (can easily pick up the kids)
- Can take a break any time you want (kind of)
- Can get a sandwich (potential for decreased cost of lunch)
- Can play with your car or dog
- Can take naps – and research shows that a short 20 minute or so nap solidifies memories and makes you more productive (nap-taking at a typical workplace usually violates work norms


- You can work in your pajamas
- Fewer boundaries between personal and work life
- You could easily work many more hours because you could start earlier in the day
- Cost: you need a computer, cell phone, internet access, need for an office (who pays for this?)

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