Is Remote Work For You?

        It’s no secret that we all work differently, and need different work environments to thrive. That’s why remote work is such a hot topic. The current number of remote workers in the US is increasing dramatically, with more working adults than ever choosing to lose the cubicle for nomadic freedom.
But it’s not for everyone. People want the freedom. People dream about the freedom. But once they achieve it, many realize that it’s not for them — in fact, they might struggle with the change.
        I’ve worked remotely (as ReWork’s sole employee in Boulder, CO and now Salt Lake City, UT) for two years, and have met many others on a similar journey. We all agree that it’s not always easy, but it can be extremely rewarding.
        If you’re craving the remote work dream, here’s what to consider before jumping in — and how to make the most of a potentially awesome life change!

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