5 Tips to Manage a Team Across Multiple Time Zones

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        How do you keep engagement, organization, and unity across a team spread out over multiple time zones? If you're having a hard time managing a global team, take some tips from an expert.
        In Harvard Business Review, Donna Flynn, an executive at office furniture company Steelcase, offers her global company's best practices. "At Steelcase, we all understand that the rhythm of a global team is not a perfect 9-5 melody," she writes. "But understanding something can be very different from living it. My team has grown increasingly distributed across multiple time zones and regions of the world over the last couple of years, and we have learned, through experience and experimentation, a few ways to leverage the value of a global team while also minimizing the pain and disruption it can create for us as individuals."

1. Don't try to work 24/7
2. Create a consistent schedule
3. Stay abreast of new tools
4. Be aware of those outside the room
5. Invest in airfare

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