Why The Smartest Companies Are Embracing Remote And Flexible Work Arrangements

        As the workforce is shifting toward striking a balance between personal and professional lives, the concept of workplace is shifting from a brick-and-mortar office to a more virtual environment. The reason this is so popular? People are increasingly more interested in having control over how, when, or where they work from. According to the latest New Way to Work Index report from Unify, 43% of employees would choose flexible working over a pay raise, reflecting just how much importance they attach to workplace flexibility.
        Smart companies undertand this and understand the importance of a happy, motivated, productive workforce, so they are adapting to support remote and flex working arrangements. Earlier this year, Flex Jobs released a list of top 100 companies that are offering remote jobs and it’s no surprise to see companies like Xerox, Dell, and American Express featured among the top five brands that are embracing this new work culture.

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