Why ClusterDesktop is my number 1 portal to digital universe?

by Emil Parashkevov

        It was the beginning of 2012, when one day, the screen of my laptop went blank. After a while I realized that that the computer was working properly, and that the failed part was my screen. That day I continued working with an external one. I was facing a dilemma: to buy a new laptop and go through all the hustle of installing all my programs and transferring all my data or continue working with an external screen. I decided to go on with the desktop monitor, but that way a lost my mobility. I had to stay longer in the office and when by chance, I woke up in the night, with some idea I wanted to try, I had to wait for the morning to come to go to the office. At that point I realized that I love my independence and freedom too much. I wanted to work at any time and from any place. I wanted to go light and free. I wished wherever I was, miraculously to have a connection to all my stuff. I dreamed of the beauty of the scenery and moments, spiced up with my entire digital world, or if I can put it in plain words, I needed my computer in my pocket, always available, always at my finger tips. I wanted the benefit of my computer ever following me and at my disposal 24/7. I thought it will be great, if I can have my computer in my smart phone, in my tablet even in the computer of that beach hotel, I spent last weekend at.

        Being a computer specialist, I was aware of programs for remote control like VNC and Remote Desktop. Till that particular moment I have accepted them as tools for lazy system administrators or as emergency tools when you are miles away from the problem. Then I realized that this perception is all wrong. No these were not tools of lazy system administrators, these were gifts of freedom that can turn all our concept of working and living upside down. My idea for creating a service that will set you free, only if you knew and had the guts to try it, was slowly taking shape. I started working on ClusterDesktop - http://www.clusterdesktop.com , which in my head was all I was speaking above.

        The first server was up in August 2012 and in October 2012 I bought a tablet, that I started using for connection to my computer, and I am doing this way of work ever since. My laptop with his blank screen stays in my office, but is reborn for a new life. It is amazing that whenever I share this my believe with a manager, an owner of a company or an entrepreneur they all say one thing – I want this and I want it now. Since then the service has evolved: you control every thing from a web interface, you can share your screen with colleagues, you can open files from your computer or server directly on your phone, you can even stream music or movies from your computer on your tablet or phone.

        Now every day I wake up happy, that my personal cloud is with me, making me ever more independent and confident, that all of us, one day will work remotely.

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