6 People Taking 'Work From Home' to the Next Level

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        There's a big world on the other side of that office window, and startup founders and contract workers untethered to desk jobs are claiming it in the name of self-employment--parking wi-fi hotspots on mountaintops and having desksides on sail boats.
        By 2020, over 40 percent of the workforce will be freelance, according to Intuit. This number can be loosely divided into the self-determined and self-evacuated and also those being pushed from the full-time nest, as benefitted jobs decrease.
        "Many people who have been on our trips have said they would never again take a non-remote job," says Rosengren, who estimates that his groups are equal parts freelancers, remote workers, entrepreneurs and professionals "in transition." "I think in three to five years, remote will be a perk as ubiquitous as foosball tables and free food are for startups today."

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